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Tellico Right Coast Run '01   |   The Dunes 7/16/01   |   Tellico RCR '02
Tellico Right Coast Run '01
Yea baby Yea.  Man it was a blast.  Since my jeep is still stock height everyone was saying I would get stuck or bend my rocker panels but did I show them.  I went everywhere the bigger jeeps went and even had to help one over a boulder obstacle.  I was able to disconnect the sway bar which I feel was the big factor in my being able to handle it.  Here are some of my pictures and I'll be adding more down the road.

Convoy                                                   Some property to buy

Staging area                                          Hybrid Ford Ranger

Me hopping over an abstacle                                                          YJ on the rocks

Billy checking his motor                                                       Jeepfiend(Mike) on a break

Me flexing a little bit                                                                                 Now the back  

YJ coming into rest area                                                                               Nice TJ

End of the trail                                                         Billy and I coming down Trail 6

All done, only minor scrapes and dents