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Tellico RCR '02

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BJ's jeeps

Jeeps Unlimited Right Coast Run 2002, March '02
Well, it has come and gone again without a hitch....well, at least not after we got on the road to Tellico.  Two week prior ro leaving I put on a set of 33" Sidewinder A/T's and two days before I had a blow-out in the right rear.  I was driving through a cunstruction zone and thought I damaged the rim so I had the tire shop give it a look over while I was gone.  Turns out it was okay.  I only put two on the rear as four would cost me out of the trip.  

The drive up was as usual un-eventful but Billy(b1big), Michael(jeepfiend420), and myself made the best of it with a stop to Rich Mountain to take a look at the trail head.  We got to Crawfords without a hitch and set up camp.

On Saturday I set out with three other jeeps heading for Slick Rock but decided later I would not be able to handle it.  After watching action from the top it was a logical conclusion because my jeep would have never made it.  I did Trail 6, part of 7 and 8 without any problems other than waiting on slower jeeps.  It was still fun just to be there and scrap a little metal.  

Sunday, after Billy and I break down our camp site we head out to hit Trail 4, up to eleven and make our way to Guard Rail.  I wasn't sure I could get there but Billy had a winch to help out.  Plus with the weather we didn't think we would get past the "half way rocks", which we didn't partly due to some XJ's backing down after running out of time to be somewhere else.  

We turned around, met back up with Trail 1 and headed to see if 5 was open.  It wasn't.  We found a cache of stuff with Billy's GPS he learned about on the web, took some pictures and headed home.  

Ride home was long due to some maintenance stops plus we did our good deed for the day by helping some people get their broke blazer from the median up the ramp to a gas station.  I wondered if I would ever get to use my tow strap.  Got home about 12:15 a.m. and went to bed, clean up is in progress.  

Thanks if you got this far and please enjoy the pictures I took plus some from Billy.
Also, pictures will be random and in no specific order.









See you next year